1995-1997 (pre-launch)Edit


This logo was used during the developing stage at Stanford University. Google was in fact originally named BackRub.

1997-1998 (pre-launch)Edit

Google Older Logos

This logo was used during the developing stage at Stanford University and it is now called "Google".




Google logo Sept-Oct 1998

This logo was used only for a month. Back then, the "G" was green.



The "G" is now blue, the logo seems smaller, the shadow is repositioned, and an exclamation point (!) was added to replace the invisible one, possibly to mimic the Yahoo! logo.


1999-2010, 1999-present (secondary, used only for old/outdated browsers)Edit
Google logo

Launched May 1999, this is arguably the most familiar and popular logo that got modified among the Internet. The exclamation point (!) was replaced by the invisible one. The fontface is Catull BQ and the exclamation point was removed. On very old/outdated browsers (such as IE5 and older), this logo is still used instead of the next couple logos below.

2010-2013 (primary), 2010-present (secondary)Edit
Google logo 2010

Launched May 6, 2010, this logo is just like the previous logo, except for the colours are brighter and the shadows have been reduced. The previous logo is still used as a secondary logo. This logo first appeared on a beta testing of the new look on November 8, 2009 before it fully premiered. Even though it was possibly replaced by the 2013 flat logo, this logo is still shown on some Google sites. 

Google 2014

Launched September 19, 2013, the logo was remade in 2D. Notable differences also include a serifs of less-acute angles on the "G" and a connected horizontal bar on the "e". The logo is also represented in monochrome on many Google products.


This article or section does not include the current logo at the moment. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here.

Since September 1st 2015 the same thing but updated ("e" only)

White logosEdit

White versions of the Google logo are used during times of great tragedy. Instances when the white logo has been used include the Polish aircraft disaster which killed President Lech Kaczyński, the Qinghai earthquake and the Gansu mudslide of China. White logos will also appear if you customized the main page of Google by adding background with the now-decommissioned iGoogle.



White logo-276x110


White logo-276x111


Chrome ntp white logo2

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