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1983 (Pre~launch)Edit

300px-The Disney Channel Prototype logo

1983-1987 (International)Edit

Disney channel logo 1

1983–1987 (Disney Channel Originals) Edit

Disney channel 1983 87 logo recreation-23806

The Disney Channel debuted on April 18, 1983 as a premium cable channel; its original primary logo, used until 1997, features a rounded TV screen with horizontal lines, and a Mickey Mouse ears silhouette.

1987–1997 (International)Edit

The Disney Channel 1986

The lettering below the logo was changed sometime on February 1986, made to resemble the wordmark logo of channel parent The Walt Disney Company. The wordmark portion of the logo was sometimes seen without the TV screen with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head, and vice versa, the screen logo was sometimes not seen alongside the wordmark portion of the logo.

Le Disney Channel (FRANCE!) Edit

1984-1987 (France Only)Edit


Disney Channel Edit



To reflect Disney Channel's transition from a premium channel to a commercial-free basic cable service, its presentation was overhauled dramatically on April 6, 1997. The logo was often seen without the "CHANNEL" underneath the main logo, and the channel was usually referred to as just "Disney". Alternate versions of this logo were used for the channel's three program blocks that were launched after the rebrand, preschool-oriented morning block Playhouse Disney, adult-oriented nighttime block Vault Disney and preteen-targeted weekend block Zoog Disney. The new look was created by Lee Hunt Associates, with help from Cuppa Coffee, and English & Pockett. This logo was also shown with many other characters in it, an element that was dropped in 2000, though the original variant of the logo continued in use until 2002 during the Playhouse Disney and Vault Disney program blocks. the logo shown above was a remake of the original 1997 logo.

2000–2002 (United States)Edit

Logo disneychannel1999-2002 zoog

A restyled variant of the 1997 logo was introduced in late 1998, featuring varied coloring of the "Mouse Ears TV"; this variant was used only during afternoon and evening programming until October 6, 2000. After Vault the new disney channel logo was discontinued in September 2002, this logo also appeared during the late night hours until the original version of the January 2002 logo was introduced. The reason why because they bring teenaged programming while above will be used on animated shows.

1997-2003 (UK Only)Edit


2002–2010 Edit


Disney Channel introduced a new look on September 20, 2002. In addition, a new logo, still based on the Mickey Mouse silhouette and Disney's signature, appeared on-screens on October 6, 2002. and was rolled out to other countries the following year. Design agency Razorfish was involved in the rebranding.[1] Moreover, Disney Channel started using a series of celebrity bumpers still in use, featuring live-action or animated characters often drawing the Disney Channel logo using a glow stick.

2010–2014 Edit

Disney Channel logo

Disney Channel updated its on-air look on December 6, 2009 and began using a modified version of the 2002 logo, which originally was introduced two months earlier, being seen only in bumpers for the channel's weekend evening programming. The Mickey Mouse head silhouette is inside a box resembling a smartphone application icon this time and is simailer to the next one below.

2010-2014 Edit
Disney channel 2007

2010 (unused) Edit

200px-Disney Channel planned logo 2010 svg

This logo was intended to be used as part a planned rebrand of the channel in 2010. This logo was in the other video.

2014–Present Edit

300px-Disney Channel 2014

On May 22, 2014, Disney Channel overhauled its logo for the first time after having only minor updates to its logo for the past 12 years of its existence; the new logo incorporates the ears moved on to the I of 'Disney' and the Disney logo in the Walt Disney font. Also, the tube shape was removed, two circles were added to the left and right of the dot of the "i" and the stylized Mickey Mouse head shape was retired after 13 years. The logo was first used earlier in German on January 16, 2014. The Channel ended on the 22nd June 2016.


1983 (Prelaunch)Edit

300px-The Disney Channel Prototype favicon logo

1983-1987 (International)/2010 (unused)Edit

1983-1987 (International)Edit

1997-2003 (International)Edit




Late 2000-2002Edit

Favicon Logo disneychannel1999-2002




2010-2014 favicon logo disney channel para firma png by kandyeditions-d5vudaz
Disney channel favicon

2010 (unused)Edit

200px-Disney Channel planned favicon logo 2010 svg


300px-Disney Channel 2014 favicon


To see other variants and styles for Disney Channel, go to Disney Channel/Other.

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