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The Fox Film Corporation was an independent film production company that was formed in 1915 by the theater "chain" pioneer William Fox. Fox formed Fox Film Corporation by merging two companies he had established in 1913: Greater New York Film Rental, a distribution firm, which was part of the independents; and Fox (or "Box", depending on the source) Office Attractions Company, a production company.

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Twentieth Century Pictures, Inc. (also known as "20th Century Pictures, Inc.") was an independent Hollywood motion picture production company created in 1932 by Joseph M. Schenck, the former president of United Artists, Darryl F. Zanuck from Warner Bros. Pictures, William Goetz from Fox Film Corporation, and Raymond Griffith. Their material was released theatrically under United Artists.

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In 1935, 20th Century Pictures Inc. merged with Fox Films, creating 20th Century-Fox. It was also used for a new A Japanese Made Releases.

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In this logo, the 0 in 20th is crooked.


20th Century Fox

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